Welcome to the IRMP creed.

‎IRMP is a root, stem and branch approach towards workplace conflicts. It is a program committed to reducing staff attrition, increasing job satisfaction and maintaining customer loyalty. Formulated in 2013, it was formally launched in 2014 through Project TG-500. Since then the IRMP team has trained over 400 staff across 19 different organisations on how to Identify, Resolve, Manage and Prevent Workplace Conflict. Read more about us Here 

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  • AGM, Head of Training, FCMB
    This program affects all facets of relationships in a workplace, with it I am able to build stronger teams and raise better managers.
  • Head HR, Ecobank
    I originally thought this was a legal training, but this experience has changed my perception about communication. It (IRMP) is an important training for both managers and their teams
  • Head HR, KPMG
    I and my team are grateful for the IRMP experience and I believe its impact on us will be felt for a very long time to come. I have learnt invaluable lessons about staff relationships.
  • HR Manager, Ernst & Young
    The IRMP program will help solve the communication issues that exists between managers and their teams.
  • HR Manager, Arik Air
    When settling disputes with customers and handling staff, the IRMP program is a solution point.

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why choose us


  • Build teams that work. On paper and on ground.
  • Equip managers to galvanise teams with four critical senses in a workplace.
  • Move communication from a mere tool of work, to an art for work.
  • Enlighten managers on the 10 commonest mistakes they make daily.