Many staff are on collision course with their managers. While some team members work at cross purpose with each other. The result is that although work is done, the highest potential of quality, value and excellence is unattained.

Guardian and Spot Academy an arm of G&SL Consulting has developed an intensive one-day IRMP program which addresses the skill gap needed by line managers to IDENTIFY, RESOLVE, MANAGE and PREVENT (IRMP) conflict in their teams.


The focus of this intervention is to:

  • Build teams that work. On paper and on ground.
  • Equip managers to galvanise teams with four critical senses in a workplace.
  • Move communication from a mere tool of work, to an art for work.
  • Enlighten managers on the 10 commonest mistakes they make daily.


Identifying– While some managers cannot help the division in their team, others inspire this division without even knowing it: Under this module we clerk managers on, the single most important question a manager must ask his team when they meet. We unravel a question more relevant than questions of ‘prospects’ and ‘suspects’; ‘outlines’ and even ‘deadlines’. This Module also helps managers identify the various immediate and remote causes of workplace conflict.

Resolving– Ineffective resolution skills leads managers to endure or ignore team divisions. Sometimes their most honest efforts are not good enough. Through case studies and role plays, this Module provides managers with capacity to effectively resolve team conflicts. Using facilitative workplace mediation, they are able to separate the people from the issues to achieve resolution and effective compromise. This replaces the practice of hasty or half-baked resolutions that provide shot term solutions to long term problems.

 Managing– It is badly managed conflicts that harm a team. This module details effective conflict management procedures that produce stronger and coherent teams. Instead of playing the Ostrich, Managers can boldly tackle issues bordering on team cohesion and avoid inspiring unhealthy rivalry through obsolete tactics such as “Divide and Rule”.

Preventing– Many conflicts are an inevitable incidence of work interaction, but some others are preventable. A hostile or tension soaked workplace is a hotbed for division and conflicts. This module tasks managers with the responsibility of making the entire workplace congenial by influencing individual work spaces. They are equipped to avoid mixing emotional and substantive issues in their team. And to use the satiable needs to augment the insatiable needs of team members.