AGM, Head of Training, FCMB

This program affects all facets of relationships in a workplace, with it I am able to build stronger teams and raise better managers.

Head HR, Ecobank

I originally thought this was a legal training, but this experience has changed my perception about communication. It (IRMP) is an important training for both managers and their teams


I and my team are grateful for the IRMP experience and I believe its impact on us will be felt for a very long time to come. I have learnt invaluable lessons about staff relationships.

HR Manager, Ernst & Young

The IRMP program will help solve the communication issues that exists between managers and their teams.

HR Manager, Arik Air

When settling disputes with customers and handling staff, the IRMP program is a solution point.


The IRMP training will surely improve the relationships that determine our overall success.

Principal Partner, Austen- Peters & Co.

I will rate IRMP a 90% peak performance training. I am happy with the experience.

MD, Zenith Water Margin Chinese Restaurant

Fantastic! Really relatable, practical and impactful.